EMCOR's Online Orientation Course

We definitely got more for our money than we expected.

— Director of Workplace Learning

Training images

EMCOR looked to provide a cohesive view of the company to all employees, regardless of their division, through an online orientation course. The primary audience of this course was new hires, but the orientation would also be made available to every EMCOR employee.


  • Create an orientation training program to meet EMCOR’s business needs
  • Provide a cohesive view of the company’s culture for all 30,000+ employees


  • Create a “day in the life” theme with virtual tours of the company’s four main divisions
  • Collaborate with EMCOR’s instructional design team to develop robust interactions and additional learning experiences
  • Align training with EMCOR’s business goals


  • A blended learning program that introduces new hires to EMCOR and clarifies their role in this complex organization
  • Additional learning experiences delivered well within budget
  • Continued potential for increase in productivity and employee engagement
  • Long-lasting partnership between EMCOR and Michaels & Associates

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