Learner Certainty Assessment: Short Explanatory Video

Assessments are like going to the dentist. They are a necessary task you try to get through as fast as you can, just so you can move on with your day. There is surely room for improvement, right?

Here at Michaels & Associates, we believe the time learners spend taking typical assessments can be a great chance to harness learning opportunities and add training value. Unfortunately, it's not very often something new happens in the world of test taking. Until now!

We're excited to say Learner Certainty Assessment (LCA) is here. Companies who capture their learners' certainty as a strategy for assessing competence are finding benefits that boost the power of their employees, Learning and Development (L&D) team and the organization as a whole.

For example, learners gain greater insight into how knowledgeable they are as an individual; L&D teams generate reports with more realistic training measurements that highlight any gaps in the training program; and organizations can reduce risk for their company by having more knowledgeable employees in front of customers or behind products and machinery.

Watch this short explanatory video on LCA to learn more! Click the thumbnail below, the video will open in a new window.

LCA video thumbnail

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